How do you get scratches out of Maui Jim sunglasses?

Regrettably, because our sunglasses are made in layers, scratches cannot be simply polished or buffed out without causing further damage to the lenses. Part of the technology we use for all Maui Jim polarized lens materials includes a hard-shell coating that resists scratching.  However, it is possible for heavy abrasives rubbing against the lens surface to break through this coating and cause visible marks.  Since this would compromise the protective coatings we use as part of our polarized lenses, we recommend replacing your polarized sunglasses lenses for the best results.

To get new lenses, we recommend that you reach out to an optometrist in your area that sells Maui Jim sunglasses. They will be able to order parts, assist with repairs, and provide pricing information. Please note, they may charge a fee for the service or shipping.

To locate an optician near you that can assist, please search your location on Our Store Locator and filter by “Sunglasses with Prescription” to only see trained optician’s offices.

 If you’d prefer, we also offer replacement non-prescription lenses through our repair department. You can find more information about our repair services at our Repair page.

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