How do I get my sunglasses repaired?

If your sunglasses are in need of repair, we first recommend reaching out to an optometrist in your area that sells Maui Jim sunglasses. They will be able to order parts, assist with repairs, and provide pricing information! Please note, they may charge a fee for the service or shipping.

To locate an optician near you that can assist, please search your location on Our Store Locator and filter by “Sunglasses with Prescription” to only see trained optician’s offices.

If you would prefer, you are also welcome to send your sunglasses to our Nordic repair facility for repairs through us directly!

You can begin your repair process by selecting the "START REPAIR" button on our Online Repair Form. At the end of the process, you will be given a PDF copy of your repair form that you can print to include with your eyewear when you send it in. You will also receive an email with repair and shipping information as well.

For most frames, you can order nose pads to be shipped directly to you free of charge with the repair form above!

Frame, Lens, and Temple damage must be taken to an optometrist’s office or shipped to our repair facility for evaluation and service. Maui Jim has an industry-leading repair team, and we are happy to help with any repair needs for your Maui Jim and Zeal eyewear.

All repairs are inspected for warranty coverage prior to any charges being processed. For quicker processing, we recommend that you provide your purchase date and payment information on the repair form.

Prescription Eyewear may require repairs to be processed through one of our authorized optical retailers. If you cannot return to your original optometrist, you can visit the same Store Locator as above to find a list of opticians near you. Please also search by your location and filter by “Sunglasses with Prescription.”

 Please Note: We require repair products to be 100% authentic Maui Jim to provide repair options. This extends to both frame and lens repairs.

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