How do I put on my nose pads?

We have many styles of nose pads, most of which can be replaced on your own. Some of them slide on a post, some snap into place, and some require adhesive to be applied. For all styles of nose pads, we always recommend cleaning and drying the area before application of the new pads.

*For our glue on styles we recommend using any high-quality superglue including Gorilla Glue or Loctite. We recommend using a brush-on style of glue for better control. If the glue gets on the lenses/frame, this will void the warranty on those parts. 

If you are uncomfortable replacing the nose pads on your own, you have a couple of options. You can locate a nearby authorized Maui Jim retailer and inquire if they can assist you (when searching for a retailer to assist you, make sure to filter the search by checking "Sunglasses with prescription").

If you'd prefer, you can also send the sunglasses into our facility by filling out the Online Repair Form. At the end of the process, you will be given a PDF copy of your repair form that you can print to include with your eyewear when you send it in. You will also receive an email with repair and shipping information as well.

Please Note: You will want to select "Temple" repair on the form if you were already sent the nose pads and need help attaching them. That way the repair form will give you instructions for sending your sunglasses to us for repair, rather than placing an order for a new pair of nose pads to be sent to you.

If you would like more information on nose pad installation, please contact us and our customer care team will be happy to assist with more detailed instructions. You can contact them directly either by telephone or email.

Toll Free Phone Number: +46 (0) 8 594 828 80


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