Will you send me screws/lenses/parts for my sunglasses?

For most styles, we are able to send out nose pads for you to replace yourself. Nose pads are the only part we send out to consumers for our sunglasses. For all other frame parts and lenses, we ask that you please reach out to an optometrist in your area that sells Maui Jim sunglasses. They will be able to order parts, assist with repairs, and provide pricing information. Please note, they may charge a fee for the service or shipping.

To locate an optician near you that can assist, please search your location on Our Store Locator and filter by “Sunglasses with Prescription” to only see trained optician’s offices.

If you would prefer, you are welcome to send your sunglasses to our Nordic repair facility for repairs through us directly. Our dedicated and trained team will thoroughly inspect your sunglasses and identify exactly how we can help extend the life of your investment, so they are in perfect working order and prevent further damage or it happening again in the future.

Please visit our Repair Page for details about our in-house repair service.

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