Why did Maui Jim change to the triangular case?

Switching to the trifold case was a three-fold decision.

First, by reducing the weight of our old case—by a minimum of 27% and as much as 67%—we have reduced our shipping cartons by 80%. This equates to a significant reduction in our carbon footprint; a total savings of 78,393 barrels of oil per year.

Second, the unique fold-flat design of the case was in response to consumer feedback that the previous cases were bulky and occupied too much space in bags and purses. This simple, yet effective design also forgoes the future issues of broken hinges and zippers.

Third, we were inspired by the properties of the strength of the triangle; when force is applied to a side or point of a triangle it is spread evenly through all three sides, reducing the potential to crush, and therefore keeping your eyewear safe.

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