How do you care for Maui Jim sunglasses?

The best piece of advice we can give you is to follow the "on your face or in the case" rule. When you wear your Maui Jim sunglasses, keep them on your face (not on top of your head or hanging from a shirt collar) or tucked securely away in their protective case. Practicing good, regular cleaning habits also ensures a longer lifespan of your investment. Good cleaning habits include the following:

Rinse your sunglasses daily in lukewarm water. Use a mild liquid dish or bath soap (free of additives like moisturizers) to wash each lens surface. Dry using a clean, soft, absorbent cloth, such as the cleaning cloth that comes with all Maui Jim sunglasses orders. Do not use paper-based products to clean your lenses. Do not use tissues with added lotions, lanolin, silicone, or other cleaners; they will leave a film on the lens. Do not use abrasive cleaners, soaps, or detergents that may leave a deposit on the lens. Do not use lens cleaners that contain alcohol.

All new sunglasses purchased from Maui Jim include a cleaning cloth. Cleaning cloths are a great way to keep your sunglasses clean and smudge-free. We recommend you frequently launder your cleaning cloth to keep it free of debris, dirt, and oils that could damage your lenses. Wash in warm soapy water. Do not use fabric softener as this may leave a film on your lenses. 

You can see more advice on our Care Page.

If damage does occur, we offer non-prescription repair services for as long as parts are available in our collection! Please visit our Repair Page for more details.

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