Can I still have a discontinued style repaired?

If your style is showing as discontinued, it does not mean we are unable to offer repair services.  We keep parts in stock for all of our styles for quite some time once a style is no longer produced. Certain color options for a particular model may have been discontinued, but other color options may still be current. Nevertheless, if your style comes up as discontinued when filling out the repair page, that's quite alright. You can simply click that discontinued style from the drop-down on the Repair Page and proceed forward with completing the repair form. When your Maui Jim polarized sunglasses arrive for repair, our technicians will determine if we have parts available to fulfill your repair request. In the event that we no longer have the parts to get them back to pristine condition, our team will reach out to you to discuss all available options. No matter what the situation is we will be able to assist you!

*If you are having trouble with how to move forward with the selection process the image below will help. When completing our online repair form, please click the style name and (discontinued) from the drop-down once you have entered your style information to proceed through the process. 

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