Can I get my sunglasses fixed locally?

For situations that require quicker service time, you would want to search for a local authorized Maui Jim optical retailer. Optical retailers have the ability to order most parts and complete your repairs in house.  Please note, the optical retailer may charge additional fees for the service or shipping. You can find authorized optical retailers in your area by visiting Our Store Locator , entering your zip code, and making sure to select "Sunglasses with prescription" for your filter option.

You can get in contact with any of these retailers and inquire about repair services and pricing details.

We do also offer direct repair services as well! When sent to us directly for service, the typical turnaround time for repair services is 5-7 business days once they have arrived at our facility, and the standard return shipping typically takes 7 business days or less. You do have the option to pay for expedited shipping to back to you. For more details, please visit our Repair Page.

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