Who makes the best sunglasses for golf?

Maui Jim sunglasses are optimal for golf for many reasons.

The patented lens technology delivers:

1) Glare elimination (like from sand and water)

2) Protection of the eyes & surrounding skin from the effects of harmful UV and HEV

3) Enhancement of the colors your eyes naturally perceive so you experience greater clarity and enhanced details, so you can trust your read. Our Maui HT lens is our best and favorite lens for golf. When other lenses might be too dark, “High Transmission” offers our highest available light transmission allowing for incredible depth perception.

4) Proprietary coatings to repel water and oil so they are easier to keep clean

5) A scratch-resistant treatment to resist lens damage

These high-performance lenses are set into frames that are lightweight, flexible, and comfortable for all-day wear on the course. To see some ideal styles for golf, discover our Golf Sunglasses

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