What does Asian Fit mean?

If you have problems with standard fitting glasses resting on your cheeks, sliding down your nose, or feeling otherwise uncomfortable, you may want to try a pair of these specially-designed sunglasses. Also referred to as "low bridge fit", "alternative fit", or "universal fit", Asian fit styles are nearly identical to their counterparts, with the exception of a few features like: built-up or elongated nose pad and bridge area, longer temples, wider and flatter frame fronts, and lighter frame materials. Asian Fit sunglasses are designed as an alternate fit for comfort and wearability for those with higher cheekbones and wider or lower nose bridges.

The sunglasses industry has long produced glasses that sit comfortably on the average caucasian face. With Asian fit polarized sunglasses from Maui Jim, you can have the same high-tech optics in a frame that’s made for you. With a design from this elite line, you’ll have an exceptional pair that feels lightweight and comfortable, while also giving you unmatched color, clarity and detail.

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