Repair Pricing

Pricing for repairs, when sent into our UK repair facility, are as follows:

  • Non-prescription lenses: £63 GBP + £12 processing fee. Or for Irish consumers €74 EUR + €15 processing fee.
  • Frame: £32 - £241 or €39 - €292 (dependent on style) + £12/€15 processing fee
  • Temple (as long as there is no frame damage): free of charge part, in addition to our standard £12/€15 processing fee.
  • Most nose pads can be sent directly to you, free of charge. However, there are some styles that do require you to send them to us, and those styles would be accompanied by our standard £12/€15 processing fee.

To confirm the pricing for your specific style, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department by phone at 0800 980 1770 or email us at Our hours are Mon-Fri:  9am-5pm GMT; Otherwise, you can also visit our Repair Page, if you know your style, the repair prices will be there for you to view as well.

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