Are my Maui Jim's authentic?

The best way to know that you are purchasing authentic Maui Jim sunglasses is by purchasing them directly from our website, one of our authorized online Maui Jim retailers, or locating a retailer in your area using our retail locator and purchasing from them

There are some distinct markings on a pair of authentic Maui Jim sunglasses but these markings do not guarantee authenticity!

  • When looking at the glasses, there will be a Maui Jim logo etched into the top of the left lens in either gold or silver.
  • The outside of each temple will have a Maui Jim logo. This may vary depending on style.
  • The inside right temple will show MAUI®MJ(xxx-xx) Made in Japan or Made in Italy.
  • The inside left temple will show the style name, US Patent number, and CE.



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